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The Doctors were stumped

The Doctors were stumped


Before going to Tom, I was unable to drive and I could only work a few hours a day due to severe headaches, lightheadedness (caused from an LP), and myoclonic spasms (uncontrolled jerks). Tom explained the procedure and how it works with Western medicine to treat the problems. He first focused on solving the headaches and lightheadedness... I did not expect the results to be immediate, but after the first few sessions, the lightheadness was gone and the headaches were bareable. What I did not expect was the spasm reduced significantly as well. WELL ENOUGH TO DRIVE AND WORK. I'm continuing to improve with each session and my mind seems more alert than it has in years. Thank you Tom!

- Mike W. Charlotte, NC



cycle1I started seeing Tom around 4 years ago for massage treatments concentrating on my lower back due to wear & tear from playing ice and roller hockey all my life. At that time, back issues were really starting to affect the rugged style and high level of hockey I was use to. Combining these massages with some general chiropractic care, I was able to eliminate the majority of my back issues.

These days, I am now fully immersed in another sport; namely road bike racing. However, I continue to see Tom on a monthly schedule for massages. We still work a little on the lower back, but focus mainly on the legs and hip flexors. Cycling really works these muscle areas and massage relief from fatigue is needed from time to time. You can classify the massages now more as routine preventative maintenance since I don’t have any pending issues or nagging injuries. I strongly believe that my visits to Tom play a major role in keeping me in my current tip-top health condition.



Wrist Pain

wristI had been in pain from De Quervain's Tendonitis for almost 2 whole months prior to getting acupuncture and decided to get a cortizone shot. Even that didn't take all of the pain away. I decided to start acupuncture treatment at Insight Wellness and Tom was nice enough to also provide some massage therapy and instructed me on how to do self massage on my arm to ease the pain. After only a few weeks of acupuncture treatment and some of his massage therapy, my pain finally went away! Tom's knowledge and patience to be able to explain what was going on with my ailment really provided me with the confidence and comfort to be able to relax and nap the first 10-15 minutes of each acupuncture treatment. I could tell that he truly cares about his pateints and wants the best for them. Thanks Tom for all of your help!

Sleep Problems

Sleep Problems


I decided to give acupuncture a try for the first time following a diagnosis for a very rare autoimmune disease whose treatment had been causing negative side effects for quite some time. I was exhausted most of the time despite sleeping, on average, between 10-12 hours each night, sometimes more. I already take a significant amount of prescription medicines and did not want to resort to more medication. I’d researched acupuncture a bit prior to my first visit with Tom, but I still appreciated the time Tom spent explaining acupuncture to me and how it might help. He spent a lot of time evaluating my needs and answering my questions. After my initial consultation visit, Tom and I agreed that I wanted to see improvement on the quantity and quality of sleep, as well as energy levels and lucidity upon waking. Weekly gym visits were something that had slowly gone by the wayside during the treatment of my disease since each gym visit left me feeling exhausted. I barely had enough energy to make it through a work day and most nights I headed straight home after work. My energy levels were one of the first areas that I began to see improvement on after acupuncture. After about 2 weeks of sessions with Tom, I noticed that I was able to work out fairly intensely at the gym and still have energy to go about my normal daily activities. In fact, exercise now gave me a boost in energy, which was something I had not experienced in the 18 months since my diagnosis. I now work out about 2-3 times at the gym, in addition to playing soccer, each week. It took a little longer to experience significant results in my sleep cycle, but after about 3 weeks of sessions, I was sleeping between 8-9 hours a night. After about 6 weeks of acupuncture sessions, I went to slept one night and forgot to set my alarm. The next morning, however, I woke up automatically after exactly 8 hours of sleep! I still made it to work on time, I was able to focus at work and I exercised that evening – all on only 8 hours of sleep! This is something I could not have dreamed of doing less than two months prior! I’m now well rested each day and I have enough energy to walk my dog or go for a run with my husband – many of daily activities that I enjoy so much, but did not have the energy to do earlier this year. I’m glad that I decided to give acupuncture a try because it has improved my standard of living so much.
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