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Quit Smoking

I wanted to share my experience with Acudetox.  I have tried several other methods to quit smoking, with no success.  I found that with the Acudetoxno smoking program, it made the withdrawel process much easier. The strong urges that you normally have were much less noticeable.  I also believe that coming for 3 weeks make you more accountable.  I feel emotional clarity and a better state of well being.  - DN

From a Defensive Tackle-

"When my body hurts - Tom's Massage WORKS!" - 

Former  #92 Damione Lewis DT


Mr. Lewis has since moved to a Professional Team in New England.dl

He Ran the Boston Marathon

Boston Marathon


I was referred to Tom Cohen and Insight Wellness by a work associate approximately 18 months ago. I had been complaining to her about my persistent knee and ankle tendonitis as well as several other leg problems brought-on by 20 years of recreational running.  

As a 40-year old with aspirations to improve my running and (some day) run a marathon, I set an appointment to meet with Tom. We discussed my goal to run faster and with less pain and decided to try a few sessions to determine if massage would benefit me. Tom's therapy was effective nearly immediately. I noticed improved flexibility and my problems with knee pain were eliminated after only a few sessions.

4 months ago, I began training in earnest for the Boston Marathon. Having trained for several half marathons over the years, I knew that the risk of injury would be high as I added more miles and more frequent workouts. I had resigned myself to the fact that I would (at some point in my training) be sidelined with an injury. My goal was to limit the severity of any injury and hopefully reduce the amount of time I would be unable to train.

Tom and I discussed my goal of running the marathon and decided to make a weekly massage part of the training schedule. I am pleased (and amazed) to report that I completed my training without injury. Further, I ran the marathon 10 minutes faster than my goal time.  

Having run for many years, I am still amazed at the results I received from a weekly massage. I have never trained aggressively without injury- Until now. I would highly recommend massage (and Tom Cohen) as a training resource for any athlete.. Tom's contribution to my training was as important as any other element of my program and allowed me to do something I would otherwise not have been able to accomplish.

Tai Chi for Health Classes


Just a short note to let you know that I have thoroughly enjoyed your Tai Chi classes here at Sun City Carolina Lakes. I have taken Tai Chi lessons before, but I learned to go through the motions of the form without really understanding the body mechanics of the moves. Your mantra of "Shift, sink, turn" is beginning to sink in after a few months and I believe I am starting to reap some of the benefits of the Tai Chi discipline. My balance is definitely improving and the breathing techniques that you have taught us has helped me calm my thoughts by concentrating on the here and now. I have even used some of the relaxation and breathing techniques to help me get back to sleep when I wake up in the middle of the night and my mind begins to race.

Thanks for your patience and your humor,


Tai Chi Classes

Tai Chi for Health Classes


Imagine an exercise that relaxes your mind, increases flexibility, and improves your balance and coordination. Imagine your Tai Chi instructor, Tom Cohen, leading you patiently through the slow, graceful movements of the Tai Chi "form." Tom's expertise will bring pleasing benefits for those wishing to improve their general well-being and gain a sense of calmness. I have thoroughly enjoyed Tom's professionalism and insight. 

Valerie Budzeyko 

Sun City Carolina Lakes
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