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Overactive Bladder

Overactive Bladder
I had been told by a urologist that I have an overactive bladder and I was taking medicine for it that had dryness of mouth and other side effects. After several treatments I stopped taking the medicine and my incontinence has significantly improved. I am choosing to treat this overactive bladderissue with acupuncture versus drugs and am looking forward to further positive results. I have been on several long car rides and can go 3 hours now where as prior I was having to go to the bathroom approximately every 45 minutes to an hour. Overall,  my   quality of life has improved since I'm not spending half my time worrying about where the nearest bathroom is and can therefore enjoy the moment.

First Visit

Thoroughness in Initial Analysis
Tom Cohen is extremely thorough. He asks a lot of questions that require the patient to be open and honest. It is this thoroughness howeverAcupuncture Pulse Assessment
that if the patient is forthcoming there is the reward of seeing extraordinary results. Tom is also very candid in that he doesn't promise a 'quick fix' but rather educates the patient and ensures that they know that sinceeach person's body is different, it isn't easy to predict the rapidness of the response/outcome. Because I was forthcoming, I feel I have benefited greatly from the treatments. I was amazed from day one how Tom could tell me some of the symptoms I've been having following his overall analysis before I even told him.


I was curious about accupuncture and realized when my allergies flared up in January that I was going to be in trouble. Tom's treatment methods allergiesincluded listening to me talk about my symptoms as well as some tests that let him listen to my body. After several treatments, my allergy symptoms have gotten so much better. I am amazed when I listen to everyone around me complaining about how bad this allergy season is. I feel like I have dodged a bullet and look forward to ongoing treatment.

Knee and Back Pain

Knee and Back Pain On three different occasions, I came to Tom Cohen with a chronic
use injury that had become acute: twice for my back, once for my
knee - all related to sitting too much and not exercising enough.

Each time, after one session, I had both immediate relief and
significant improvement over the following days.  I highly recommend
Tom for chronic and acute injury recovery. 

Tom is a very skillful practitioner, very knowledgeable and amiable
during the session, as well as affordable and available for
appointments.  Pleasant, centrally located office.

Back Pain no More

I was suffering with consistent, major back pain for about 6 weeks when I had my first acupuncture appointment.  Within a day or two after that appointment my back started feeling much better and the pain started dissipating gradually each day thereafter.  Because of the holidays, there was a 3-week window between my first and second appointment and I assumed that my pain would resurface again before my next treatment.  To my amazement, I was pleasantly surprised that my back felt great for the entire 3 weeks.  I even tweaked it a little around Christmas and I assumed that the pain would come back.  But when I woke up the very next day, I was pain-free and my back felt great again.  I highly recommend Tom's services.  You can't argue with the results.

Back Pain Acupuncture - Chris - South Charlotte

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