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He Ran the Boston Marathon

Boston Marathon


I was referred to Tom Cohen and Insight Wellness by a work associate approximately 18 months ago. I had been complaining to her about my persistent knee and ankle tendonitis as well as several other leg problems brought-on by 20 years of recreational running.  

As a 40-year old with aspirations to improve my running and (some day) run a marathon, I set an appointment to meet with Tom. We discussed my goal to run faster and with less pain and decided to try a few sessions to determine if massage would benefit me. Tom's therapy was effective nearly immediately. I noticed improved flexibility and my problems with knee pain were eliminated after only a few sessions.

4 months ago, I began training in earnest for the Boston Marathon. Having trained for several half marathons over the years, I knew that the risk of injury would be high as I added more miles and more frequent workouts. I had resigned myself to the fact that I would (at some point in my training) be sidelined with an injury. My goal was to limit the severity of any injury and hopefully reduce the amount of time I would be unable to train.

Tom and I discussed my goal of running the marathon and decided to make a weekly massage part of the training schedule. I am pleased (and amazed) to report that I completed my training without injury. Further, I ran the marathon 10 minutes faster than my goal time.  

Having run for many years, I am still amazed at the results I received from a weekly massage. I have never trained aggressively without injury- Until now. I would highly recommend massage (and Tom Cohen) as a training resource for any athlete.. Tom's contribution to my training was as important as any other element of my program and allowed me to do something I would otherwise not have been able to accomplish.


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