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cycle1I started seeing Tom around 4 years ago for massage treatments concentrating on my lower back due to wear & tear from playing ice and roller hockey all my life. At that time, back issues were really starting to affect the rugged style and high level of hockey I was use to. Combining these massages with some general chiropractic care, I was able to eliminate the majority of my back issues.

These days, I am now fully immersed in another sport; namely road bike racing. However, I continue to see Tom on a monthly schedule for massages. We still work a little on the lower back, but focus mainly on the legs and hip flexors. Cycling really works these muscle areas and massage relief from fatigue is needed from time to time. You can classify the massages now more as routine preventative maintenance since I don’t have any pending issues or nagging injuries. I strongly believe that my visits to Tom play a major role in keeping me in my current tip-top health condition.



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