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Bell's Palsy

I started treatment at Insight Wellness for bells Palsy in early January.  Bells palsy is a condition where the facial nerve swells and paralyses one side of my face.  I had difficulty speaking, eating, etc.  Typically bells palsy takes about 3-6 months to resolve.  Sometimes this resolution is incomplete, meaning partial paralysis for life.  Tom was great and reassuring throughout the process.  Although we didn't expect it to heal me as quickly as it did, I am proud to say that within 3 weeks, I was completely resolved.  I went in for two treatments per week and left feeling very relaxed.  The process was painless and I looked forward to it each time I went in.  Each day, my recovery was about 1%.  On treatment days, my recovery was 5-10%.  I could actually feel my muscles twitch and recover during the treatments.  This was my first experience with acupuncture and I am glad to say it was incredibly positive.  A+ for Tom and Insight Wellness!
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