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Neuro-muscular Therapy

NMT Masage offers the specificity necessary to treat a variety of postural and muscular imbalances that may cause pain or dysfunction. The aim of NMT is one of therapeutic effect, as opposed to straight relaxation.
The Massage strokes of NMT are less flowing, center around working on the source and symptom, and may be done at any comfortable pressure.
Strict neuromuscular therapy can be use very deep pressure, trigger point therapies, and education for the client. Mr. Cohen combines a unique approach to limit discomfort, and to integrate holistic and Oriental therapies to treat pain.
Thus, If you are familiar with NMT, do not expect it to follow strict patterns
This pressure is acheived gradually, with communication between you and your therapist. Remember, you call the shots.
So, don't be shy. Tell your therapist "less" or "more" as needed.

All of the different massages may be combined to find the style that gives you the greatest enjoyment and benefit!
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