Makoto Dojo history

Makoto Dojo

Makoto Dojo was established around 2000-2001.

Tom Cohen, instructor, is an Aikidoka, Daitoryu Aikijujutsu NC Representative and Tai chi for Health Instructor.

He is also an avid student of Systema. 

As part of the former NC Roppokai group, Tom felt strongly about continuing his training, teaching, and helping to honor his chosen Budo.

Traveling to New York, Tom continued training, and was eventually granted permission by Okamoto Soshi to establish a study group.

Former members of the Roppokai were welcomed to rejoin, with the exception of the expelled leader of that group.

Mr. Cohen continued training Aikido under Karl Geis, learning the Fugakukai evolution of Tomiki-ryu Aikido.  He continued training several days a week in Daitoryu Aikijujutsu Roppokai, and slowly began building a small, strong group.

Because the focus was on training, and not on commercial interests, Tom left his old "home" in search of a more compatible training hall.

Tom was lucky enough to meet Sifu Chris Facente, of the Mint Hill Martial Arts school.  Sifu Facente shared a traditional background, a strong work ethic, and a day job.  Sifu Chris, Tom, Sifu Glen Barnes, and a few other instructors now make up the Mint Hill Martial Arts school.  Information on the school and individual styles can be found at

We continue to train and grow.  We are no longer affiliated with Roppokai. 


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