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Makoto Dojo

Named for one of the highest ideals in Japanese Budo, Makoto means "Oneness in Word and Deed."

It is named to remind the instructor and the students to aspire to this ideal, to train hard, and to train consistently.


We offer Daitoryu Aikijujutsu Training - A classical Japanese martial art - one of the primary technical parent arts of Aikido .  We train to honor our Master and our chosen Budo.  We do not train for show, competition or profit.  All dues go towards maintenance of the school and furthering our training. 

Makoto dojo is dedicated to the study & proliferation of the "soft" arts, such as Aikido, Taichi, Daitoryu Aikijujutsu, and Systema.   Check our links for Aikido, Tai chi and Systema classes & Seminars - taught by other instructors

 We also offer Martial arts & Self-Defense seminars on a variety of topics.

Makoto dojo is located in Mint Hill Martial arts, conveniently located off of Highway 51, close to the 485 interchange.

We are convenient to UNC Charlotte (University) area, Matthews, Mint Hill, East Charlotte, and Pineville.

Please contact us for information on training.

1 month for $60 ($15 off monthly rate)


2 months for $100 ($50 off monthly rate) 

10 spots only

Must prepay.

First class is always free 

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