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Martial arts

Learning the Slowest Martial Art in Existence!

Okay, here's a shocker for you--you are learning the martial arts using the slowest method of education in existence in the world. Oh, it's true. And it is propagated through the mysticism and awe of attaining something that, should you use an updated method of learning, would speed your progress up by a factor of ten.

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How to Learn Martial Arts by DVD!

Learning the Martial Arts through DVD is quite possible. When shopping for a DVD, however, there are several things you should be aware of. These items can make a difference between a learned ability and stuff laying on the sidewalk.

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Kicking the Hell Bag!

Go on, give it a kick! I was surrounded by high ranking black belts in the garage of my instructor to be. Hanging from the ceiling was a grim and silent bag.[l:4:J]

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The Legacy Of Japanese MMA Great Kazushi Sakuraba

A pro fighter faces the most difficult decision of his life when contemplating the prospect of retirement. Unfortunately, too many hang on well past the time when they can compete at the highest level only serving to diminish their legacy and damage their health. MMA is no different than boxing in this respect, and following his brutal knockout loss to Melvin Manhoef at DREAM 4 Japan's legendary Kazushi Sakuraba appears to fit the description of a fighter who needs to call it quits but is unwilling to do so.

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