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S.E.T. (Somatic Education Technique)

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What is S.E.T.?

In simplest terms, S.E.T. is a group of applied principles for promoting “Body Learning.”

Our bodies must sometimes “learn” health, as they’ve learned pain, dysfunction, postural distortions

Body learning takes repetition.

Very few of us could read about baseball, and becoming a professional without quite a bit of practice.

S.E.T. provides the repetitive treatment to restore health.


Most of us don’t begin our lives in pain, in sickness, or in disease.

Changes occur slowly. We adapt. We may not even be aware that anything is out of the ordinary.

We may sit at our desks, use the mouse, drive our cars or travel on airplanes. Repeating these things hours a week, over time, will catch up to us. Our bodies “learn” poor posture, shortened muscles until – Boom! Something hurts. Our back “gives out.” Our knee hurts. We sustain an injury without a traumatic event.

The same things happen to body systems.

We “learn” artificial environments, like air conditioning. In some cases, our bodies stop learning to adapt to the external environment. We get allergies, heat rashes, respiratory conditions.

We take medications that replace body functions, hormonal and endocrine balance. Our bodies learn, and our systems stop doing what they are designed to do in a healthy, natural state.

In essence, we have adapted to an unnatural state of health.

Through Acupuncture, Massage Therapy, and other therapies, S.E.T. techniques allow us to regain our health, our pain-free living, and our functionality.

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