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I was curious about accupuncture and realized when my allergies flared up in January that I was going to be in trouble. Tom's treatment methods allergiesincluded listening to me talk about my symptoms as well as some tests that let him listen to my body. After several treatments, my allergy symptoms have gotten so much better. I am amazed when I listen to everyone around me complaining about how bad this allergy season is. I feel like I have dodged a bullet and look forward to ongoing treatment.

Knee and Back Pain

Knee and Back Pain On three different occasions, I came to Tom Cohen with a chronic
use injury that had become acute: twice for my back, once for my
knee - all related to sitting too much and not exercising enough.

Each time, after one session, I had both immediate relief and
significant improvement over the following days.  I highly recommend
Tom for chronic and acute injury recovery. 

Tom is a very skillful practitioner, very knowledgeable and amiable
during the session, as well as affordable and available for
appointments.  Pleasant, centrally located office.

Quit Smoking

I wanted to share my experience with Acudetox.  I have tried several other methods to quit smoking, with no success.  I found that with the Acudetoxno smoking program, it made the withdrawel process much easier. The strong urges that you normally have were much less noticeable.  I also believe that coming for 3 weeks make you more accountable.  I feel emotional clarity and a better state of well being.  - DN

Back Pain no More

I was suffering with consistent, major back pain for about 6 weeks when I had my first acupuncture appointment.  Within a day or two after that appointment my back started feeling much better and the pain started dissipating gradually each day thereafter.  Because of the holidays, there was a 3-week window between my first and second appointment and I assumed that my pain would resurface again before my next treatment.  To my amazement, I was pleasantly surprised that my back felt great for the entire 3 weeks.  I even tweaked it a little around Christmas and I assumed that the pain would come back.  But when I woke up the very next day, I was pain-free and my back felt great again.  I highly recommend Tom's services.  You can't argue with the results.

Back Pain Acupuncture - Chris - South Charlotte

From a Pro Defensive Tackle

From a Defensive Tackle-

"When my body hurts - Tom's Massage WORKS!" - 

Former  #92 Damione Lewis DT


Mr. Lewis has since moved to a Professional Team in New England.dl