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Insight Wellness is primarily an acupuncture clinic, incorporating various Chinese and Oriental therapies.
In addition, we offer massage therapy.

With a strong belief in education, our acupuncture clinic encourages each client to participate in their own health process.
As the maxim states - "Physician, heal thyself."
At our clinic, we hope to educate you to become your own best physician, seeking the best medical specialties in complement to each other, in order to pursue your health and wellness goals.

As a martial arts instructor, I also pursue health through studying and teaching several disciplines.
I teach a yang short form for health, as part of self-treatment.  

Eventually, I hope to teach at the same location as my acupuncture clinic, in order to combine the various health practices we promote.


Insight Wellness is an Acupuncture Clinic also offering Massage Therapy in Charlotte, North Carolina. Tom Cohen is a Licensed Acupuncturist, Licensed  Massage Therapist, and Acupuncture Detoxification Specialist. Acupuncture in Charlotte, NC is a growing art. We hope to become your Insight to health and Wellness.

Acupuncture Charlotte, NC

Charlotte, North Carolina Acupuncture Clinic