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Relaxation techniques from martial arts and taichi
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60 minute massage
90 minute massage
Acupuncture (consult only)
Acupuncture single session
Pain or Stress management (pkg. of 4)
Acupuncture Treatment package (9 sessions & consult)
Acupuncture Pain/Stress Management combination (with 30 minute massage)

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In our online store - enter the following coupon codes for the following services & discounts:


$100 off the Acupuncture Treatment Package (9 treatments & consultation - normally $400)


$50 off 3 week unlimited Acu-detox Ear Acupuncture

Normal Price $250


$50 off a Pain or Stress Management Acupuncture 4 pack - 

Regular Per treatment cost - $75 each 

Package Price $150


$25 off a Pain or Stress Management Acupuncture & 30 min. massage Package of 2 - Normal per treatment cost $115 (x2)

Package Price $150

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