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Insight Wellness wants to thank all our Groupon and Regular Customers, in advance, for  bringing a Small Donation of ANY of the following items to your next appointment:


(For Daily Care of Humane Society of Charlotte animals)


1)  Kong-like "tough" toys

2)  Rawhides

3)  Martingales

4)  Grain-free Dog Food

5)  Grain-Free Dog Treats

6)  Washcloths

7)  Kirkland (Costco Brand) Powdered Laundry Detergent

8)  Kirkland (Costco brand) 55 Gallon Garbage Liners



For Community Outreach (Pets in need in the community)

1)  Dog Food

2)  Cat Food

3)  Used Leashes and collars

4)  Used Bowls

5)  Large Dog Sweaters

6)  Cat litter

Aromatherapy Massage - Its Impact on the Health

The term aromatherapy massage is nowadays one common item among all and sundry. The term itself connotes a popular method of relaxation and healing following a set of effective techniques. Several practitioners are engaged in its promulgation all over the world. Tracing back time, the ancient inhabitants made use of different types of natural oils as extracted from the plants and herbs since they believed in their power to assist in healing. They have experienced their therapeutic effect on the various types of health conditions. As it is well known today, this method promotes both the mental, physical, and emotional relief to several individuals.

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Take an Anglesey Spa Break, Indulge Your Body and Feel Great

Do you want to experience an Anglesey spa break and give your body a real energy boost at probably the finest spa in North Wales? Tre-ysgawen Hall Hotel and Spa, at Capel Coch near Llangefni is equipped to the best standards for health and beauty treatments for those looking for to recharge their energy levels. This spa on Anglesey has experienced holistic health and beauty therapists on hand to provide you with a unique, relaxing and professional service.

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Weight Loss After Pregnancy

Pregnancy brings so many changes to a woman's body. Some woman fly right thru their pregnancy and drop the wieght like nothing. Others have a tougher time as they now have two full time jobs. Be as it may, you just have to work a bit harder and you can have it all. You should look at your diet, you know you have to exercise and why not recuperate with massage chair therapy?

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