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Support the Humane Society!


Insight Wellness wants to thank all our Groupon and Regular Customers, in advance, for  bringing a Small Donation of ANY of the following items to your next appointment:


(For Daily Care of Humane Society of Charlotte animals)


1)  Kong-like "tough" toys

2)  Rawhides

3)  Martingales

4)  Grain-free Dog Food

5)  Grain-Free Dog Treats

6)  Washcloths

7)  Kirkland (Costco Brand) Powdered Laundry Detergent

8)  Kirkland (Costco brand) 55 Gallon Garbage Liners



For Community Outreach (Pets in need in the community)

1)  Dog Food

2)  Cat Food

3)  Used Leashes and collars

4)  Used Bowls

5)  Large Dog Sweaters

6)  Cat litter

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