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Cold Sore Facts - Finally The Truth About Cold Sores

If you have questions about cold sores, read this short article now. You will quickly see what cold sores are and what damage they can do to you.
by DennyBodoh

If you have questions about cold sores, read this short article now. You will quickly see what cold sores are and what damage they can do to you.


Cold sores always seem to appear at the worst time. A cold sore is painful and embarrassing, and it definitely hurts your social life.

These herpes infections have several names - cold sores, fever blisters, or oral herpes - but they are all the same. They occur and reoccur where the virus first entered the body. The lip is the most common infection point.

The herpes simplex virus is the parasite virus that causes cold sores. A cold sore is actually the side effect of the herpes replication process.

When this virus first infects you, it will choose a nerve set nearest its entry point. It will reside in that nerve for life. All cold sores caused by this virus family will be in the same location every time - on the end of that nerve.


The herpes virus is normally dormant in the root cells of its chosen nerve. If the conditions become right, this viral family will move to the surface, through the nerve, and enter thousands of cells.

Herpes virus cannot reproduce on its own - like bacteria does. It is the host cells that create the new virus particles. The virus will enter your surface nerve cells and force them to build virus clones.

The cold sore area will swell up as the cells fill up with the new virus particles. Once full, the cells burst open to release tons of this fresh herpes virus.

When the herpes virus annihilates many cells, you end up with an open wound called a cold sore. Painful they are because you now have exposed nerve endings.


The herpes virus is so tiny, many of them can hide in a single cell. This parasite virus enters your body by soft tissue contact like the lip or inside the nose. You are extremely contagious when the virus is actively creating a cold sore.

Kissing is the most common way to infect others. Contaminated fingers can cause new cold sore sites on you and others too. Please be very cautious. Sterilize the wound and your hands constantly.

You can spread the cold sore to any place on your body. You can get cold sores on your fingers, arm or cheek if the virus gets through a crack or other sore to the soft tissue. These can be more painful than common lip sores.

Be especially careful not to infect your eyes. A cold sore on the cornea will cause serious injury.

About 90% of the people on earth carry this durable and contagious herpes virus. Approximately two-thirds of these folks will get at least one cold sore every 12 months.


Stress is the most common reason that the herpes virus becomes active. Under stress, your hormones change, causing an acid pH balance. The herpes simplex virus does very well when your body is in an acid state.

Your body knows how to heal cold sores and oral herpes without a bit of help from you. But it can take three to four weeks. A good, natural cold sore treatment plan can cut the duration time by 70%.

Your best bet for effective cold sore treatment is still by using natural remedies. They usually work better than prescription and over-the-counter options.

Some of the best cold sore treatment tactics include lysine, garlic oil and zinc. Although lysine and zinc work best internally (supplements), all three can be used topically as well.

Constant cleansing of the cold sore area using alcohol or hydrogen peroxide is critical care too.

Without a doubt, oral herpes cold sores really put the hurts to your social life. They are very difficult to deal with. With what you have just read, you should now have a huge advantage the next time a cold sore attacks.

It takes a little trial and error to find the best cold sore treatment for your own needs. But when you do, you will enjoy beautiful cold sore freedom.

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