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The Top 7 Questions to ask your Acupuncturist

The Top 7 Questions to ask your Acupuncturist

1) Is your Acupuncturist Licensed? YES - LAc stands for Licensed Acupuncturist.

Tom Cohen is an LAc, a Licensed Massage Therapist, and an Acupuncture Detoxification Specialist

2) Does it hurt? Acupuncture needles are solid, not hollow (as are syringes). Thus, they are largely painless. Many acupuncture needles are as small as several hairs, tightly bound. Most patients feel a pinch, and then the acupuncturist elicits a response signalling the proper effect has been reached.

3)What is acupuncture used for? People use acupuncture to relieve pain and treat certain health conditions. You can use it by itself or as part of a treatment program. Studies have found promising results for the use of acupuncture in treating nausea and vomiting related to pregnancy, chemotherapy, and postsurgery pain. Acupuncture also may be useful for: Stroke rehabilitation, Headache, especially migraines, Menstrual cramps, Tennis elbow, Fibromyalgia, or widespread pain and tenderness of muscle and soft tissue, Myofascial pain, caused by spasm in the muscles, Osteoarthritis, knee pain,

Low back pain, Carpal tunnel syndrome, Asthma, Dental pain, Men’s and Women’s health, sexuality, and reproductive issues

4) Does my Acupuncturist Accept Insurance? No. Most Insurance companies do not cover acupuncture. Some Health networks offer discounts to in-network Acupuncturists.

5) How does Acupuncture integrate with my overall healthcare and maintenance?

Acupuncture is safe for almost any condition, and does not interfere with medications. Acupuncture is an excellent adjunct therapy for treatments from your MD, Chiropractor, PT, Massage therapist, and other healthcare professionals. A Licensed Acupuncturist (LAc) should be able to express information to your Doctor or other Medical professional (with your permission) on a professional level, in Medical terms, to insure the best possible treatment.

6) Are the needles sterile? Yes! Your acupuncturist should use single-use disposable needles. Furthermore, the LAc is required to complete a "clean needle technique" course to insure the highest safety standards.

7) How often should I see my Acupuncturist? Your Acupuncturist should not insist upon a set number of treatments. Instead, they should customize your treatment schedule to meet your specific needs. It is important to set realistic expectations. Depending on your needs, multiple treatments may be suggested. Remember the following points:

1) Chronic conditions may require more treatments

2) Effects are often subtle, effecting other systems and symptoms. Your Acupuncturist will suggest what to look for, as your needs are being met.

3) Unlike surgery or medication, you may not notice immediate result in the area of your chief complaint. Sometimes a foundation may need repair before the house becomes stable.

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