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The term "Chinese acupuncture" is really a misnomer.

Like in massage therapy , there are many individuals who rightly or wrongly "brand" a style or school of thought.

So, you may hear terms such as korean hand acupuncture, French Acupuncture, etc.

In truth, there is only Acupuncture, or Chinese Medicine.

Many modern acupuncturists use the term, TCM - for Traditional Chinese Medicine.
Often, TCM practitioners also learn Chinese herbology, as part of the system of Chinese Medicine.

Our clinic practices Acupuncture as a stand alone method of treatment.
Some liken the positive effects of Acupuncture to the herbs that often accompany the treatment.

Yet the results of acupuncture, both alone, and in conjunction with other treatments, has been quite positive.
We have treated everything from skeletomuscular issues, menstrual issues, cancer and palliative work, addictions , weight loss , fibromyalgia , migraines, sleep issues, anxiety, etc.


Insight Wellness is an Acupuncture Clinic also offering Massage Therapy in Charlotte, North Carolina. Tom Cohen is a Licensed Acupuncturist, Licensed  Massage Therapist, and Acupuncture Detoxification Specialist. Acupuncture in Charlotte, NC is a growing art. We hope to become your Insight to health and Wellness.

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