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Acupuncture - Inside Look at Acupuncture Today

Acupuncture Overall
by DonnieBoots

Acupuncture Overall

Here we share five things to help you understand how acupuncture functions. The history of acupuncture can help you understand more about it and how it works. In Chinese medicine, acupuncture is routine In the United States acupuncture is relatively new as an alternative treatment. Acupuncture origins within Chinese Traditional Medicine have a very long history and a good record of successful treatments for a variety of health conditions.

The Acupuncture Mindset

The focus is on wellness and health rather than on sickness. The key to understanding the Acupuncture Mindset is to learn how it is relative to something you already understand. For instance you can look at the historical development within ancient China before much was known about human physiology in modern language. Rather than look for and treat illness and diseases that were not understood, acupuncturists found ways to help the human body begin to heal itself by restoring normal energy flow for their patients. Nature was the healing model and the teacher.

Acupuncture Training

Classes today are practical and create ways to integrate acupuncture into an already active medical practice. Chinese teaching methods were hands-on with direct practical experience. The acupuncturist taught his apprentices with instruction in the old ways and with practice of the methods. He also showed them how to live with healthy and productive intentions. So his function was somewhat like a mentor. Good acupuncture schools follow this same approach today. It seems that since the beginning of time , doctors in China have focused on preventing disease more so than curing or conventional research. Teaching the basics of how the body works, as explained in the practice of Chinese medicine and learning how to integrate herbs and acupuncture and nutrition and exercise is what the holistic instruction is all about.

Acupuncture Treatments

Students must learn the locations and functions of the meridians (channels) through which energy (Qi) flows. This is a critical part of all acupuncture treatments. Since any blockage in the flow of energy results in some kind of disorder, acupuncturists identify the locations of the blockage and apply tiny hair like needles to the skin for a period of time. This is said to be relaxing and not painful. The remarkable success rate for acupuncture treatments is relative to the experience of the acupuncturist and to regular and repeat treatments to allow the patient to restore health in his or her body. Each treatment is likely to last from 30 minutes to an hour and the patient should remain relaxed and drink water or mild tea afterwards..

Acupuncture and Conventional Western Medicine

Only recently have Western physicians begun to accept the knowledge and skill inherent in acupuncture. This is in spite of the fact that acupuncture had been used successfully for thousands of years in other cultures. Today we have a better understanding of the parallels between the different medical approaches. Our central nervous system has an energy field measured electrically and it is responsible for sending and receiving messages to all parts of your body. When compared with the meridians for Qi energy there is a lot of similarity, but with different language and focus.

The acupuncturist seeks to restore wellness. The physician seeks to get rid of the disorder and its symptoms. Allowing for the oversimplification of all things are connected, both acupuncture and the nervous system of conventional physicians are performing the same functions within the body. A blockage of energy or a misfire in a neural synapse can result in some physiological disorder.

Acupuncture Doctors

Not all acupuncturists are doctors and most doctors are not acupuncturists. Nonetheless these health care professionals need not be exclusive of one another. Both can benefit from the skills and knowledge and tools of the other. In the past the primary concern with acupuncture and other alternative medicine was the ambiguous certification and licensing procedures. Now acupuncturists must be licensed to practice, in most states. Now many chiropractors and family care physicians are adding acupuncture and other alternative treatments to their licenses and expanding their practices. The addition of acupuncture within an integrated Western medical setting is a major improvement and a much-needed movement towards holistic healthcare for more people.


Acupuncture is real and gaining popularity today as more people become health conscious and seek alternatives to conventional treatments. The clash between Eastern and Western medicines is not so much a functional one as it is a communication rift that is being bridged by many health care professionals.

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